Your First Step to Vibrant Health and Life Energy!

Depressed, overwhelmed = no action Exited, full of energy = great action

At the end of the day, all the results you produce are dependent on the state you are in and the energy you have.

Factors that influence life energy and the state you are in: Representations/Meaning, Memory, Internal communication, Physiology, Breathing, Nutrition

Tip: To take most out of these factors we recommend that you get yourself a notebook small enough so you can take it with you wherever you go. Use your notebook daily from both sides. On one side you write my successes, on the other side you are writing down inspirations and questions.

As one key to success is what kind of questions we are asking ourselves, we want to inspire you and unleash the hidden potential within you.

Lets start with some of your success stories (Memories): It will be easy for you to remember three events when you performed at your best, felt excited, perhaps happy, or had this great feeling of success.

Imagine yourself clearly and vividly in these situations. You can see the colours around you, is there any sound? What do you say to yourself? Are there people around you? What do they do and say? How would you describe the dominant feeling?

Describe three situations as clearly, as possible using all of your senses including sight, sound, smell, touch and feelings…

Simon Thomson Memory example: I’m going to describe for you a memory of mine that gives me goosebumps every time I recount it. It gives me the kind of “warm fuzzies” that make me want to get up and move no matter what I’m doing! It was in 2003 when I won the first Olympic Selection Trial at the Coff’s Harbour Triathlon and booked my seat to Athens.

While there was good prize money on offer that day, every Australian knew that first place was automatic selection and that was the only position that counted:

As I rounded the last corner into the finish chute I had well over a minute’s lead and a certain victory when I broke the tape ahead of me. This allowed for the emotions to pour freely as the magnitude of what I had achieved began to hit me.

All the pain I had been managing for the last 2 hours simply melted away from my conscious mind and the grimace broke into an enormous smile. I raised my arms to the roaring crowd that were celebrating this special moment with me.

The noise was loud and constant and only surpassed by the voice of the commentator that verbalised my movements down the final 50 meters. The sun was shining brightly and the oppressive heat had soaked buckets of sweat from my body during the race.

The race bunting and sponsors signage was bright and matched the summer beach clothing of the crowd that were extending their arms towards me over the barrier.

I was now skipping and dancing towards the finish line and slapping high fives the kids as I passed them. Despite the energy I had expended during the race, I now felt light as a feather and as strong and powerful as I’ve ever felt before.

As I passed under the finish arch I grabbed the tape with both hands and raised it in salute above my head. In one movement I turned to my left to see the crowd that included my best friends from home and with arms raised I let out a primal roar that came from an unknown place within.

The noise was drowned out by the crowd and with three steps towards my friends I was suddenly engulfed in a group hug with 15 people over the fence that threatened to sap the last few gasps of breath within me. As I broke free the tears began to flow and I felt the full force of the emotions erupting from everyone around me. I was feeling on top of the world!

You don’t need to win a triathlon to have these feelings. I’ve felt these emotions doing many different things in my life, so be prepared to celebrate many more such great events in your near future!

Have fun with these memories and open your mind for the little every day successes that happen all the time and write them down in your notebook.


Life Energy Management – Love and Light

The electro-magnetic spectrum, which includes all forms of Light at its various rates of oscillation, is the expression within our physical Universe of the spiritual Love that we have been created from. Everyone and everything we experience in this physical realm is comprised of light at some rate of vibration.

Despite our five physical senses giving us feedback that things are solid, liquid, or gaseous, when we break these forms down to their physical essence, they are actually Light, and we experience life holographically.

This Universe is actually a field of intention, with light acting like invisible fiber-optic cable, as it carries our thoughts (or intentions) into the field for manifestation into our perception of physical reality. However, light only carries those thoughts that match its vibration, the vibration of love.

So it’s important for us to examine the thought behind our thoughts. Is it love or fear? It is always one or the other.

Only our thoughts that come from an intention of love will manifest as we intend them and possibly in a form better than we intended. These thoughts attract the participation of Source consciousness, the sea of Abundance from which we were created.

Those thoughts that come from fear attract the lower energies of the collective consciousness of humanity and bring into our experience events that invoke within us negative emotions which give us clues as to the fear-based thought patterns we once held consciously, and now hold in our subconscious mind.

The better we understand ourselves the more powerful we become. And as Love and Light are Soul energies, it serves us to clear away beliefs we may have accumulated that conflict with the above information.

You can release any such negative consciousness by using Part 2 of Introduction to Life Energy Management which can be downloaded free until th end of 2007 from the “FREE LEM Demo” page of Life Energy Coaching’s website at:

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Life Energy Management – Tips For Effective Prayer

Prayer is a manifesting technique as opposed to a tool for co-creation. The difference is that manifestation calls upon help from spiritual sources such as the Archangelic energies, the Ascended Masters, and your Higher Self.

By contrast, affirmations are a tool for co-creation and involve one’s Inner Self and Higher Self, with the Higher Self coordinating with the other Higher Selves (and their Inner Selves) to bring what we affirm into physical reality.

Prayers have the advantage that they can bring us results instantly. These spiritual energies use the Superconscious Mind, and are not slowed down by subconscious inner conflict, as we can be when we affirm. However, for our prayers to manifest, we need to have faith that they will manifest. After all, we get what we believe in.

In order for prayers to work effectively, quickly and reliably, we need to believe in the existence of a spiritual dimension, that the angelic realm exists to help us, that Spirit and all its creations are at essence unconditional love, and that they are unconstrained by time or space (so can help us whenever we need help).

It is also important that we have a correct understanding of what we are praying to. For example, if we pray to God and view God as being separate from us, we are praying to something that doesn’t exist. We are our Soul, and the collective of all Souls ARE God.

So when we pray to God, we are praying to an energy that we are part of, and made with the same energies we are made with, all aspects of unconditional love.

Some people pray to the Archangels. This is just as effective as praying to God/Spirit/Allah because everything in Creation and the spiritual realm have been created either as or by these energies.

Also, the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, the Buddha, Yogananda, and others use the Superconscious Mind and can assemble whatever is needed to answer your prayers equally effectively.

Now my focus on prayer is not intended to deter you from using affirmations. Far from it! I use affirmations daily and suggest you do so also. However, it is easy to get caught up in all the promotion surrounding use of the Law of Attraction and ignore what is arguably an even more powerful tool for designing your ideal life.

So, in order to remove any consciousness you may have that conflicts with the above understandings, use Part 2 of Introduction to Life Energy Management that you can download for free by visiting Free LEM Demo at: