Life Energy Management – Tips For Effective Prayer

Prayer is a manifesting technique as opposed to a tool for co-creation. The difference is that manifestation calls upon help from spiritual sources such as the Archangelic energies, the Ascended Masters, and your Higher Self.

By contrast, affirmations are a tool for co-creation and involve one’s Inner Self and Higher Self, with the Higher Self coordinating with the other Higher Selves (and their Inner Selves) to bring what we affirm into physical reality.

Prayers have the advantage that they can bring us results instantly. These spiritual energies use the Superconscious Mind, and are not slowed down by subconscious inner conflict, as we can be when we affirm. However, for our prayers to manifest, we need to have faith that they will manifest. After all, we get what we believe in.

In order for prayers to work effectively, quickly and reliably, we need to believe in the existence of a spiritual dimension, that the angelic realm exists to help us, that Spirit and all its creations are at essence unconditional love, and that they are unconstrained by time or space (so can help us whenever we need help).

It is also important that we have a correct understanding of what we are praying to. For example, if we pray to God and view God as being separate from us, we are praying to something that doesn’t exist. We are our Soul, and the collective of all Souls ARE God.

So when we pray to God, we are praying to an energy that we are part of, and made with the same energies we are made with, all aspects of unconditional love.

Some people pray to the Archangels. This is just as effective as praying to God/Spirit/Allah because everything in Creation and the spiritual realm have been created either as or by these energies.

Also, the Ascended Masters such as Jesus, the Buddha, Yogananda, and others use the Superconscious Mind and can assemble whatever is needed to answer your prayers equally effectively.

Now my focus on prayer is not intended to deter you from using affirmations. Far from it! I use affirmations daily and suggest you do so also. However, it is easy to get caught up in all the promotion surrounding use of the Law of Attraction and ignore what is arguably an even more powerful tool for designing your ideal life.

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