Find Out Why Insurers Don’t Want You To Have A Lawyer

An insurance policy is a legally-binding document signed between an insurance company (the underwriter) and the policyholder. The policyholder is required to pay a certain premium to get insured against certain risks. In an auto insurance policy,the risks may include; theft,vandalism,car crashes,physical injuries and damage to the vehicle. After the policyholder pays the premiums in full,the insurance company will have the obligation of compensating the policyholder in case they experience any of the abovementioned risks. Since the compensations can be exorbitant,insurers usually look for a way out once a claim for compensation has been filed.

Insurance companies usually have a team of the most competent[dcl=6636] working for them. Their work is to look for loopholes that will help them avoid paying the claim. If you are not well informed,they might get away with it. That is why insurers don’t want you to have a lawyer.

How a Lawyer Can Help You

i) Negotiate a Higher Payout

When you have a strong case,insurers will most likely offer you a small amount of money as compensation. Since you may not know what you are entitled to,you may accept the payout and lose your right to pursue the case any further. If you consult your lawyer first,however,you can get much more. Lawyers know how to calculate the cost of pain and suffering,physical injuries,lost wages and property damage,so they can negotiate with the insurer in a bid to increase the payout offer significantly. The best lawyers can do this without having to go to court.

ii) Filing a Lawsuit in Court

If the insurer refuses to make a significant payout offer,your[dcl=6636] can decide to go to court and sue the insurance company. You do not need to worry about legal costs because your lawyer will only get paid if they win the case. The payment is usually deducted from the compensation they win. As you can see,insurers have good reasons why they do not want you to have an attorney.

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