Life Energy Management – Love and Light

The electro-magnetic spectrum, which includes all forms of Light at its various rates of oscillation, is the expression within our physical Universe of the spiritual Love that we have been created from. Everyone and everything we experience in this physical realm is comprised of light at some rate of vibration.

Despite our five physical senses giving us feedback that things are solid, liquid, or gaseous, when we break these forms down to their physical essence, they are actually Light, and we experience life holographically.

This Universe is actually a field of intention, with light acting like invisible fiber-optic cable, as it carries our thoughts (or intentions) into the field for manifestation into our perception of physical reality. However, light only carries those thoughts that match its vibration, the vibration of love.

So it’s important for us to examine the thought behind our thoughts. Is it love or fear? It is always one or the other.

Only our thoughts that come from an intention of love will manifest as we intend them and possibly in a form better than we intended. These thoughts attract the participation of Source consciousness, the sea of Abundance from which we were created.

Those thoughts that come from fear attract the lower energies of the collective consciousness of humanity and bring into our experience events that invoke within us negative emotions which give us clues as to the fear-based thought patterns we once held consciously, and now hold in our subconscious mind.

The better we understand ourselves the more powerful we become. And as Love and Light are Soul energies, it serves us to clear away beliefs we may have accumulated that conflict with the above information.

You can release any such negative consciousness by using Part 2 of Introduction to Life Energy Management which can be downloaded free until th end of 2007 from the “FREE LEM Demo” page of Life Energy Coaching’s website at:

Murray Ansell is co-founder and director of Life Energy Coaching  a coaching firm that develops and teaches leading-edge energy management techniques that achieve breakthroughs in personal and business performance, health, and relationships.

LEC’s Life Energy Management products work with the human energy system to release negative emotions, disempowering beliefs, and stress in relationship to health, relationships, and money. They are unique in their combination of speed and depth of effectiveness, and in being able to be delivered to large groups either in person or by webinar.


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