Satisfying the New York Serious Injury Threshold

All injuries will appear serious to victims,possibly calling for help from a [dcl=6613]. For the purposes a claim,however,the legal definition must be satisfied before an injury can be considered as serious. This New York serious injury threshold test will determine the amount of compensation that victims can collect. In essence,the case must fall within any of the categories we’ve listed below.

Bone Fractures — Lots of accident result in a broken bone. If it is severe enough to merit a cast or surgery,the court may deem this a serious injury.

Lost Limb — All of our limbs are crucial in everyday tasks. If we lost an arm or a leg following an accident,our life can completely change in an instant. Losing an organ such as an eye is also considered serious.

Significant Disfigurement — Accidents can completely change a person’s physical appearance with far reaching consequences. Severe facial scarring and widespread burn injuries are some examples.

Lost Fetus — Pregnant women may lose the child in their womb as a direct result of an accident. They have the right to file a suit against those who are responsible for their loss.

Permanent Limitations — Bodily damage that results in permanent limitations are definitely serious. This includes leg trauma that prevents a person from walking properly.

Temporary Impairment — Even temporary impairments can pass this definition if they prevent the victim from performing daily tasks for at least 90 days after the incident.

Wrongful Death — Nothing can be more serious than death. If a person dies in an accident,the loved ones may file a claim for damages.

Many of these categories leave room for interpretation. If you plan to file a suit,hire a respected[dcl=6613] with considerable powers of persuasion.

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