What You Need to Know About California Injury Laws

When you have experienced injury due to the negligence of another party,breach of duty or purposeful conduct then it is possible to receive compensation for your injuries. You will be awarded compensation for your loss,such as loss of wages,reduced earning capacity,medical expenses,rehabilitation expenses as well as pain and suffering.

However,to qualify or recover damages,you need to have a basic understanding of California Injury Laws and consequently attain the services of a personal injury attorney. According to recent studies,individuals who hire a personal injury attorney recover three times more compensation than those who choose to represent themselves,as noted by [dcl=6633].

As is the case in all states,California also has a statute of limitations that basically dictates the amount of time that you have to bring a lawsuit in a court of law. Once this timeframe expires,you will be barred from filing legal action. Injured persons have a period of two years in which to file a lawsuit or bring a legal complaint to the court’s attention. Failure to do so means that you forfeit your right to claim for compensation thereafter,so contact a [dcl=6633] right away.

California also abides by the shared fault law which basically means that if you are found to have contributed towards your injuries irrespective of the level of fault that you were involved in,it will result in the amount of compensation you receive being reduced. Several states make use of the “one bite rule.”

This rule protects dog owners from being sued when their dog attacks someone else. However,in the state of California,the strict liability law applies and this basically means that dog owners are liable for all injuries that are caused by their dog irrespective of whether this happened on a public or private property and so on.

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